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ÄFAB is one of the country’s leading bioenergy consultants working to increase the use of climate-smart energy carriers. For more than 30 years, we have been working in the borderland between academia, entrepreneurship and government. ÄFAB do not sell any equipment, we works solely by delivering consultancy, education and information as an independent consultant. Since 2015, we are also responsible for hosting the office for the Swedish Pellets Association.

ÄFAB started already in 1984 as an objective, independent and collecting player, and has since then got both the confidence of the business and from the public. We have long experience of representing industry interests. Only by collaborating in national and international cluster activities can we make the most out of the results based on the resources invested. Our name and enthusiasm for working for our bioenergy and, above all, our small business development, is acknowledged even beyond the borders of the country. Today, it is increasingly important to see the possibilities of combining bioenergy with other energy carriers such as heat pumps and solar energy. We are convinced that our industry development, both in the country and in export markets, is dependent on increased consensus and cooperation.

”We want to create a creative environment where different interests can meet and new projects and products can be born,” says Bengt-Erik Löfgren, who is responsible for the company. We are open to all, public as well as professionals.

When Sweden already in 1990 chose to reduce our oil dependence through a carbon dioxide tax, it became the starting point for us to be considered as a leading nation in the world in terms of the use of renewable energy. Increasing the cost of fossil energy created better competitive advantages for all renewable energy production, not least our bioenergy. 54 % of our energy consumption are today from renewable sources. Biomass production became the dominant energy carrier in our country, important for climate, supply, local community development and ecosystem services. About one third of all used energy in Sweden originates in the forest industry and its by-products.

Unlike other alternative energy sources, bioenergy often causes lower costs, and biomass also creates sustainable jobs throughout the lifetime of a plant, not just during the construction phase. Money and jobs that largely stay in the local economy. Bioenergy-based district heating also provide a valuable basis for bio power, ie electric energy produced in CHP with bioenergy as energy carrier. Biopower, unlike other renewable energies, supplies the most electricity when it’s cold temperatures and the electricity is needed at its best. Almost 75% of the bioenergy used in the world goes to the heating of homes and premises.

Do you also want to take advantage of our experience and our services?

“If we do not know exactly how, we probably know who!” We will gladly help you all with educational issues, project applications and even project management. Our lectures are often highly appreciated as ”kick off” at various campaigns or as information evenings organized by municipalities and associations.

Let’s describe how we did this in Sweden and share our experience with your opportunities “If Sweden can- you all can”

For further information, please contact:

Bengt-Erik Löfgren, by e-mail: bengt@afabinfo.com
or via Irene Weiner at the office +46 510 262 35